Riding around in circles can seem boring, and then you try it. Is there a more exciting form of cycling to compete in? Track cycling is great fun, and once you have ridden around that banked wooden track, you will be hooked. This is where our Supersonic SL Carbo Aero Track Bike comes in.

I am going to start with the tires, how great do those tan wall Michelin tires look on this track bike? They look amazing, and then you look at the rest of the bike and your jaw drops. This bike looks like you could ride it to Olympic glory and not just your local track league.

After you have looked at the bike, look at the price and then back again. This bike for a full carbon frame and fork track bike with carbon wheels is a bargain. That is not the end of the carbon though. The whole finishing kit of seatpost, stem, and handlebar is carbon. This bike wants to win.

With an SRAM Omnium crankset, this bike will not let you down. This stiff chainset is running into our super stiff Toray T700 carbon frame and then down to our 88mm deep section track wheels. You will not be losing any watts due to flex with this setup.

When we go and ride a velodrome we all want to go as fast as possible, no one...
$ 1,799.00 USD