When you ride on a velodrome what you want is stiff and fast wheels. Most aluminum wheels will flex a little bit so what you want is a high-end carbon wheel to do your effort justice. The usual problem though is that stiff carbon wheels cost a lot of money, step forward our 88mm track wheelset.

Despite being made from Toray T700 carbon fibre, our 88mm Tubular Track Wheel will not cost the earth. It will, however, make your times around the track shorter. Our aerodynamic shaped rim will cut through the air like a knife through hot butter. To attach our aero rim to the Novatec A165SBT hubs, we have even fitted aero spokes to make sure every part of our wheelset is optimised for speed.

As we offer a 2-year guarantee on these wheels, we picked Novatec hubs for their superior reliability and serviceability. These hubs also come with a high flange, so we can use shorted spokes to reach the 88mm deep rims. This means there is less chance of spoke deflection and loss of power with our wheelset. We have engineered these to remove flex and track straight to keep you going fast.

Our 88mm deep is designed only to fit tubular tyres rather than clinchers. Tubular tyres are the first choice of all Olympic level track riders, so you deserve the same level of equipment.

Racing around a velodrome is fun. Do you know what makes it even more fun though? Being the...
$ 465.00 USD