88mm Tubular Track Bike Wheelset

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ICAN 88 is the Best Maximum Aero Carbon Tubular Wheelset

Recommended for riders that want a high speed wind cheating wheelset. Very well suited to long solo rides and triathlons.

ICAN 88 is a wheelset made for aerodynamic speed advantage. The 88mm deep 100% carbon rim has maximum aero advantage,

while still allowing crosswinds to pass through, maintining stability in windy conditions. The stiffness of the deep carbon rim adds to 

the already industry leading stiffness of the Aero Blade spokes, to create a very powerful set of racing wheels.


Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset
Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700
Size  700C
Rim  Finish: UD Matt
 Drills:20/24 Holes
 Width: External:23mm 
Depth 88mm
Profile Tubular
Hub Novatec A165SBT
Spoke  Mac aero 494 spoke from cn spoke
Spoke Count  Front: 20   Rear: 24
Spoke Tension  Front Wheelset: 15N  Rear Wheelset: 13-20N
Spoke Pattern  Front:Radial
 Rear: 2-cross drive side    Radial non drive side
Nipple  Alloy  Color: Black
Wheelset Weight  Total:  1840g 
Brake Surface  Basalt
Rider Weight Limit  243.5lbs / 110kg
Guarantee  2 years
Free  1 set of skewer    Carbon brakes pads
Packing Size 81.5cm x 17cm x 65.5cm