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We have met so many questions about the products when receiving inquiries from customers.

Such as:

  1. “Do you have an inventory of this frame in your EU warehouse, if not, when will it be available?”
  2. “Neither do I want the wheelset to be shipped from China, nor do I want to pay for the high taxes and customs. How can I do for that?”
  3. “I like your products so much, but I only ask at this time, because the taxes and customers are too high to pay, it is too expensive for me now, I will probably buy them in 3-4 months when building a new bike.”

More questions we have been asked about like these, and we need to explain something about the overseas warehouse to you all:

  1. Why don’t we ship frames to our overseas warehouse?

We have tried to send some types of frames to our overseas warehouse before. However, they moved slowly, which caused an accumulation. So we needed to sell off the less promising stocks.

Besides, some customers prefer customizing their own frames, they may ask for painting, it would be better to make them and ship them from China Warehouse. With the consideration of these factors, we decide not to deliver frames to an overseas warehouse anymore.

  1. Why the wheelset that you want is not in the warehouse, the types are so limited?

As you know, there are different types of wheels, road bike wheelset, MTB wheelset, fat bike wheelset, disc road bike wheelset and so on. Each kind of wheelset may have many kinds of combination, too. Some buyers may need wheelset with quick release, some may need with the axle. Some may need them with ICAN logos; others may want them without logos. Moreover, some people are fond of a mix combination.

As you see, there may be varieties of requirements of the wheels. But we just send the wheelset that is sell-fast to our overseas warehouse, if we choose to ship different kinds of wheels to the overseas warehouse, what will happen? Poor demand will cause failure, so this is why the types of wheels are so limited. Once you want to customize your wheelset, they will be shipped from China.

icancycling warehouse

Overseas Warehouse:

It goes without saying that shipping products to the overseas warehouse are a trend now. Especially the customers from European countries, what would they probably consider when having decided to place the order? Apart from the product itself, I think it may be the high payment, including the price, shipment and high taxes.

Also, the shipping time is important, too. At that time, our overseas warehouse will play an important role. You can enjoy a more wonderful shopping experience with it: pre-paid taxes and customs, better and quicker shipment, and an easier and quicker way to return and exchange the items. Once we receive your order, there is usually a tracking number soon after we create the shipment in our overseas warehouse system.

EU Warehouse:

We have a UK warehouse and Belgium warehouse for EU customers. ICAN would regularly send some products to EU warehouse, maybe monthly and especially the wheels. Moreover, we take the strategy of “multiple shipments, small amounts”, that is, we will make several shipments, but will not deliver so many products every time. You may have a doubt why we do in such a way; actually, it can help to reduce the pressure of stock and capital turnover.

It will take about 50 days for a batch of goods to arrive at the EU warehouse, however, perhaps it would cost more than 60 days when it is during the selling peak season. What would happen at that time? The products that you want may be out of stock and you need to wait for a longer time. We want to remind you that once you have an item that you are really interested in and have decided to buy, do not hesitate to place an order, or you will need to wait for about 50 days or more to get it from the next batch.

We have a solution for you all now!

As we talk above, some customers don’t want their items to be shipped China with taxes and customs but want to get the products from EU warehouse directly, but what if we don’t send them to the overseas warehouse? We want to tell you that we have a solution for you now! Of course, it needs to be based on the premise that you don’t need the items urgently. Buyers can tell us about your requirements of the items that you are going to buy, UD Matt/Glossy, painting or not, with logos or not...Just tell us about that and we will arrange your order according to your requirements.

One thing we need to say is that customers need to pre-pay 50% of the total order as a deposit, which will ensure our benefit. Absolutely we will check the items with you once they are finished making, when everything is in good order then it will be shipped together with our batch of goods to our overseas warehouse. As long as they reach the warehouse, we will create the shipment then clients could receive them quickly without taxes and customs.

When you are looking for a new item on our website but if it really is not in our overseas warehouse, why not try this solution?

Please contact us in time if you need this service!