To offer a better shopping experience with ICAN carbon wheels. We set us a wheelset warehouse. If you are in need of  ICAN AERO 40, AERO 35, FL 40, FL 50 wheelset., or ICAN carbon rims, Please order here ICAN Cycling Wheelset, As ICAN carbon fiber wheels' demand exceeds supply, we also support you pre-order here. 

Once you place the order and complete the payment, we will arrange the shipment; goods will be shipped within 2-4 days during normal sales season, and they will be shipped by UPS, USPS, FedEx and etc. If it is during the selling season, please understand that it may be a little bit overdue.

$ 755.00 USD$ 735.00 USD
    ICAN's US warehouse has a state-of-the art wheelset in stock – for the professional, at an amateur price....
    Out of stock
      Buying directly from us can sometimes cause delays, due to customs, and as we’re selling a product that...
      50mm Wheels Sapim CX-Ray (PRE-ORDER FOR DELIVERY OCT. 11)
      Sapim CX-Ray spokes are very special. They're butted for strength – which means that the thickness is where...
      AERO 50 Disc
      $ 770.00 USD$ 750.00 USD
        Our Aero 50 Disc wheels might just be one of the fasted road bike wheelsets available. Now in...
        If you’ve ever fancied a set of lightweight climbing wheels and not wanted to wait for delivery from...
        ICAN engineers design and construct state-of-the-art carbon wheelsets. Their objectives include strength, long service life and light weight....
        50mm Standard Wheelset
        $ 490.00 USD$ 470.00 USD
          For a young cyclist who started competition on an entry-level machine, the first equipment upgrade recommended by those...
          AERO 35 Disc
          $ 755.00 USD$ 735.00 USD
            Specification  Type  Carbon Disc AERO Wheelset Rims  Superlight AERO 35   Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800...
            AERO 35 Disc without Logos
            $ 755.00 USD$ 735.00 USD
              Specification  Type  Carbon Disc AERO Wheelset Rims  Superlight AERO 35   (Asymmetric) Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800...
              Specification Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset Rims  Superlight AERO 35 Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800 Size...
              Do you want to ride the very best performing road wheelset, a set of wheels that will literally...
              Specification Type  Carbon Road Bike Wheelset Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Size  700C Rim  Finish: UD Matt Drills:...
              $ 755.00 USD $ 735.00 USD

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              $ 770.00 USD $ 750.00 USD

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              $ 755.00 USD $ 735.00 USD

              $ 755.00 USD $ 735.00 USD

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