There is nothing quite like riding out solo against the clock. The race of truth as racing a time trial is called by TV pundits everywhere. It is you against the clock, well now with our TT01 frameset it is you and a load of affordable high tech equipment against the clock.

The TT01 frameset is constructed from Toray T700 carbon fibre, with a layup and fibre orientation created by our own R&D department and those guys have done a great job. The frame is super stiff, the tapered headtube and integrated stem mean there is no flex being lost at the front of the frame.

Looking down from the headtube we can see a hidden direct mount brake; this is the same at the back. Keeping your braking out of the wind and saving you a few watts as your power to your personal victory.

The seat stays have been lowered to keep them short and the back of the bike super stiff, no room to lose power. These also help to guide the air around the rear wheel, keeping you as aerodynamic as possible. All of this is mated to a BB86 bottom bracket, allowing for a massive bottom bracket area. No power will be lost as you pedal from here.

All of this and you can order one with a custom paint job.

Look at the TT016 in the picture over there. It looks fast because it is fast. In the...
$ 1,050.00 USD