Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike Frame (SN04) – Review

Every rider’s dream is to be able to stop thinking about what is in front of them and cycle with full confidence. Riding a fat bike on rough terrain can be an exciting experience but it can also get uncomfortable with the bumps and jolts that come with mixing speed and bad roads.

This was an important factor when I set out to build a fat bike to my own specifications. I immediately saw the appeal of the ICAN carbon full suspension fat bike frame which I admit is the best of all worlds. Fat bikes are basically off-road bicycles with oversized tires designed for riding on snow, sand, mud, bogs, wet roots, and soft unstable terrain.

However, what makes our beloved fat bikes so special, apart from their attention-grabbing tires, are their suspension frames. Thankfully, ICAN’s full suspension fat bike frame that will let you ride however and wherever you choose and come out on the other side at your own speed.

My ICAN fat bike frame was able to provide improved traction, control, and comfort even when I was riding on rough, snow filled, or potholed roads. No matter how bad the trail got the ICAN fat bike suspension frame made the ride enjoyable


What really attracted me to the ICAN carbon full suspension fat bike frame was its incredible versatility. With the right parts, some time to spare and technical know-how, you could customize the ICAN fat bike frame any way you want.

The full suspension frame is also compatible with both 1× and 2× drivetrain setups right out the box and comes with a removable direct mount front derailleur bracket which was a relief to me. This allows me to install a 1× build for my daily rides and swap that out for a 2x build during rides or races where drastic changes in terrain are common.

I was delighted to find out that ICAN carbon fat bike frames come in 16, 18, and 20-inch sizes as I am a large rider myself so I could choose my preferred size (20 inches in my case) before ordering.

They are also made with 100% high-modulus Toray T700 carbon fiber which offers improved stiffness, better vibration damping, and excellent strength and weight savings when compared to other materials.

In fact, the carbon fiber frame weighs an impressive 2560g which is 350g lighter than the aluminum version. The 120mm travel frame is able to provide a great all-around riding performance, especially on smooth trails and when going uphill.

The internal cable routing feature is also great as it helps hide the brake cable and shift cable inside the frame, reducing the frame weight further and making maintenance a breeze.

The ICAN frame’s tapered head tube helps increase the front-end frame and fork stiffness for a responsive and fun ride without adding any significant weight. The chainstay guard works pretty well as it prevents the chain from touching the frame by accident.

Full Suspension

I decided to go for ICAN’s full suspension frame over a hardtail frame as it is better able to tackle hard rides on rough trails and high-speed descents. The frame’s incredible versatility also means that I am able to change my fat bike’s configuration to suit whatever trail I plan to ride on.

The ICAN frame’s geometry is RockShox Bluto suspension fork compatible, making it perfect for those who wish to amplify their fat bike adventures even further. This means that I don’t have to worry about upgrading my suspension system as I can easily add a suspension fork at a later time.

However, my frame’s suspension was enough for my needs but it feels great to have the option to add a suspension fork if I want.


The geometry of the ICAN carbon full suspension fat bike frame places great emphasis on performance and versatility. I was impressed by the frame’s mid-trail geometry that allows my fat bike to handle confidently and track smoothly through tight turns even when riding on technical, heavily rooted trails.

The steering feels very light even when riding with a front load and I am able to easily tackle corners that would otherwise be tricky to navigate with a loaded bike. The ICAN full suspension frame was designed to use far less body language to maneuver while being lightweight and responsive, even on steep trails.

The fat bike frame also excels at maintaining ride speed and momentum by boosting traction, especially when paired with the recommended wheel and tire options.

fat bike Geometry

Customization Options

As I stated earlier, the ICAN fat bike frame’s versatility is one of its most appealing features. The frame makes use of straight-forward long-standing standards that sets it apart with its 31.6mm seat post, 37mm seat clamp and 1 ⅛-inch head tube that ensures that your available spare parts will be a great fit when building your own bike.

With its 12x197mm symmetrical rear tire spacing, I found out that I had several wheels and tire options to choose from including the 26×3.8—4.8”, 29×2.25—3”, and 27.5×3.0—3.25” tires on rims of up to 100mm.

After installing the recommended Rockshox Monarch XX, the 200x51mm rear shock absorbers were able to provide a sensational feeling; soaking up all the small bumps and I could barely register even the larger ones.

The ICAN fat bike frame is also configured for 160mm (6.3in) disk rotors on both front and rear tires for increased braking efficiency.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with the time I spent customizing and setting up the ICAN carbon full suspension fat bike frame. The frame has proven to be a highly adaptable, lightweight, sturdy and fun platform to build a custom fat bike that will delight novice and experienced riders alike.

The ICAN full suspension fat bike frame is a super fun carbon fiber platform that is built to handle nearly any terrain you may face while providing the fun ride you have been looking for.


  • Jul 09, 2018
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Richard Hurst May 08, 2020

This is my review of the ICAN sn04 after owning one for 6 months … Its a capable and captivating ride that offers more ‘smiles per mile’ than any other bike i’ve ever owned!

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