New Improvement of FL Series

Fast and light series is our mainstay products in 2018. As a matter of fact, we did witness the success of the FL series; customers are fond of them very much! In 2019, we have launched the new series: AERO series. Aero series wheels are precisely that, aero. They have been put on the market and are growing up.

Will we abandon the FL series wheelset or just let them remain like before? The answer is no. Although our customers are almost satisfied with the FL series, we still want to make some improvement of these wheels. We always commit ourselves to provide customers with a wonderful shopping experience and products of high quality. In addition to the new AERO series, ICAN would still upgrade the FL series this year. FL series and AERO series would both be our mainstay products in 2019!

1. Upgrade of Braking Surface

One of the most important points of the rims that cyclists are concerned about when choosing wheels is brake surface. Besides, after summing up some feedbacks sent from our customers, we decided to improve the braking surface. This big improvement is that the FL series wheels have a higher tolerance to heat than that before, the same as the AERO series wheels. Now the brake track can withstand 300℃ as opposed to 240℃. We are sure that the rims are stiffer than before, which is a huge improvement and one that is difficult to see.

2. Upgrade of Hubset

 ① Exchange the Bearings

Apart from the braking surface, what will cyclists care about and may mostly influence the performances of the wheelset? There is no doubt that hubset plays a vital part in riding a wheel. But what will affect the hub? Then we need to think about the bearings in the hubs. ICAN has again worked hard to make sure the Novatec AS511SB/FS512SB hubs are high quality and use the best bearings. The bearings we used before are made from the manufacturer NBK, using two NBK bearings in the front hub, four in the rear hub. However, instead of using all NBK bearings, now we use the bearings made by Japanese manufacturer: EZO, and just retain one NBK bearing in the rear hub. That is, using two EZO bearings in the front hub, three in the rear hub, and just one NBK bearing in the rear hub.

② Add an Anti-slip Strip

The engineers add an anti-slip strip in the freehub for the Novatec hubs. You may have a doubt that it is necessary to do that or not. Absolutely yes, riders will find that it will work better for locking the rear hub. In this way, the addition of an anti-slip strip will greatly improve the performance of the hub than before. 

We laced the upgrading Novatec hubs to our FL rims with higher tolerance to heat of braking surface. And we still want everyone to be able to afford the FL series wheels. Don’t worry about the price of the goods; we will keep the same price as before. By a better product back coupling customer support and faith!

  • May 13, 2019
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