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Looking to upgrade your biking experience? Let the 29er carbon wheelset handle it!


A wheelset is probably the most expensive and critical upgrade you can offer your bike. The wheelset affects your biking experience both positively and negatively, mainly because it facilitates factors such as, rim width and wheel weight, which may affect the handling of the bike, which is why you need the perfect wheelset that is the 29er carbon boost wheelset.

Are you looking to upgrade your biking experience? Well, try the 29er carbon boost wheelset that is 35mm or 40mm in width and 29 inches in size. This wheelset consists of 100% carbon fiber; we all know that good quality wheelset is made of carbon because it ensures stiffness even at a lower weight. Hence it suitable for both rocky and flat surfaces

The rim width is 35mm and 40 mm, the size of rims has been increased from time to time since the manufacturing of this wheelsets. The width generally determines the shape of the tires, and a wider rim will increase the volume capacity of the tire making it flat and thus increasing the tire stability, making it easy to swerve with ease through the corners, which is why the 29er carbon boost wheelset is broad enough to offer the above benefits.

29er Carbon Boost Wheelset 35/40mm Width

Photo credit: icancycling.com

Modern wheelsets have embraced the tubeless movement; the 29er carbon boost as well is tubeless compatible this is because tubeless wheelsets are lighter, very much efficient and in case of small punctures, the owner can seal them himself. However, the chances of a tubeless tire to leak are very minimal compared to the inner tubes.

It also has the new and modern axle interface which is also known as the thru-axles. The 29er carbon boost wheelset, the front thru axis is 110 by 15 mm, and the rear thru-axis is 12 by 148mm.   

The 29er carbon boost uses hubs made by the novatec hub and has compatibility with the Shimano or Sram cassette, the novatec hubs are of lighter weight and easily compatible with the 29er boost o as to offer a stiffer and a more secure interface.

This wheelset has a higher spoke count of 32 both front and rear and is also three crossed, and this ensures that the bike can accommodate any amount of weight assigned to it. It is suitable for extreme biking and endures racing.

Advantages of the boost wheelset  

The primary and undeniable strength of the boost wheelset is that due to its now more full axle and strong spoke-bracing angles, the stability and stiffness of the wheel has significantly improved, to mean that bikers can ride in rough rocky surfaces and also that any weight can be accumulated and contained.

It enables bikers to ride faster and longer due to its front hub width at 110 by 15 and rear hub at 148 by 12 which increases the wheels strength and flexibility, also the increased tire width ensure that the chain is short for quicker acceleration.

The boost wheels give bikers the opportunity to enjoy and experience new and broader tires; wider tires provide the biker with better control when climbing mountains this is because it has better traction with the surface.

Riders using the 29er carbon boost wheelset say that it gives them enhanced stability and control and hugely decreases the sketchiness of the riding experience, meaning that there is fewer panic while on the trail and provides the biker with more comfort and confidence while riding.

29er Carbon Boost Wheelset 35/40mm Width

Phot credit: icancycling.com/collections

The best thing about the 29er is that a lot of people can use the 29er, this is because it is available in three size platform, medium, large and extra-large to cater for all people. The width of the 29er is wide ranging from 35 to 40 mm to mean that it offers a lot of stability and can easily support all manners of weight and sizes. It is right to say that the 29er boost is for everyone and anyone can use it.

This wheelset operates on any terrain, that is open terrain and also mountain terrain, the presence of the thru axle supports this ability, increased number of spokes. The width is large enough to offer maximum stability, also adding to the point is that the 29er endorses the tubeless system to mean that it is much more efficient and that it does not get punctures easily

The wheelset is made from 100% carbon fiber to indicate that is very much strong. Apart from being used in many terrains and carrying all manners of weight, the 29er is pretty much durable.

Durability is critical when choosing the perfect wheelset; no single biker finds joy in returning to the store every time to acquire new wheelsets after the other one has broken down after a short period. The 29er carbon boost comes with a one year warranty in case of breakages the riders can always return them within one year of the purchase.

It offers both the Shimano and Sram kind of cassettes, this way it gives biker to choose from the type of 29er wheelset to select. The Shimano is considered the favorite because it mostly favors massive weight bikers and harsh terrains and mountain while the Sram XD is suitable for lightweight activities and is ideal for open grounds.


In conclusion, the 29er carbon boost wheelset is the ultimately the best wheelset of this era, with all its diverse characteristics such as durability, its width, and the confidence it instills the biker while in all kind of terrains. The 29er is the best choice of wheelsets that one can land.

To add, it has numerous advantages as compared to others, it puts everyone characteristics into consideration from tall to short people and from lightweight to heavyweight. It is true, and we can all agree that the 29er boost has revolutionized the biking industry by far. Every grate biker wants to leave history in the trails, but what better way than to equip your bike with the 29er boost wheelset.   

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