ICAN 50mm DT wheelset make you stand out from the crowd

So you all pretty much heard about the ICAN cycling company situated in SHENZHEN, CHINA. They are known as Shenzhen ICAN sports equipment Co., Ltd. Well, despite the words sports is used, the company mainly focus on a manufacturing carbon frame and carbon wheelset and other bike parts. This article will contain the information on ICAN 50mm DT carbon wheelset.

First, let’s talk about carbon wheelset. Road Bike wheels are different than other bikes like MTB, Commuter, etc. These road bikes are designed for speed and durability. For speed, the road bikes are designed and engineered to be aerodynamically efficient. Road bike wheelsets are no different from this design.

They are built thin and narrow as much as possible. Like the ICAN 50mm DT Wheelset 25mm means the depth of the rim of the wheelset is 50mm. And the width of the rim is 25 mm. The narrower it gets the less wind resistance it faces. Now there is a fact about the weight of the road bike. Road bikes generally have tubular shaped alloy made frames and narrow wheelset.

Why alloy? Because and of course for it’s being lightweight. Now people want more lightweight bikes. Here comes the carbon fiber. This material has a strength to weight ratio that is 18 percent higher than aluminum and 14 percent higher than steel. It’s one of the strongest and lightweight material.

So it is so natural that a bike for speed and durability will be made of these things. Now let’s ask a question. Which part of the bike has to take all the load and also in running condition? Obviously the wheels. The wheels take its own weight and also the weight of the bike.

So it must have to be strong and durable. ICAN carbon wheelset will give you the guaranty of strength and durability. These road bike wheels are made of carbon fiber and they are engineered in so elegant way that it will give you smooth experience in the road. All ICAN carbon wheelset are handcrafted. So it has an exquisitely detailed structure. Rims, Hub and Spokes are common components of a bike wheel.

ICAN 50mm DT Wheelset’s Rim is made of carbon fiber material T700. The design is unique and durable. The size of the wheel is 700C. This wheelset’s rims are 50mm deep and they are long-lasting. It has 20/24 drilled holes.

They come with a width of 23mm and 25mm. The rims have basalt braking surface. Which ensures less heat buildup and improve the overall braking performance of the wheel in all-weather condition. Now let’s talk about the wheel hub.

The hub used in ICAN 50mm DT Wheelset is DT Swiss Hub 240S/350S. Both Rear and front hub is high precision Swiss engineered. The 240s is the signature DT Swiss hub and is the gold standard for lightweight high-quality hubs.

The front hub is 107g and the rear hub is 212g. While the 350 model is the economic one. Here the front and rear hub is respectively 150g and 267g. The spokes hold the connection between the hub and the rim. The Sapim CX-Ray Spokes are best for what they do.

It has received the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. It is kind of the best aerodynamic spoke available. And it fits in the ICAN 50mm DT Wheelset. The front wheel has 20 spokes and the rear ones have 24. Here goes all the technical specification.

Now coming to the user experience. The actual weight of the wheelset is 1420g. So it’s a pretty good deal for Rolling and Road race. It has great build quality. The 50mm depth gives them a good rollover speed.

You can go almost 700miles without any issues. They have survived being clattered into potholes. This wheelset spin really well without any noises. And they brake well for a carbon wheel. People may have to buy an extra valve extension.

Obviously, the wheels are light and rolled well. After 1500-2000 miles you may get one or two performance issues like the flat tire or loose spoke but repairing those wouldn’t be tough. The ride quality is good on this wheelset.

You may want a real speed experience or want your dead bike to life again, this wheelset will be a good choice. The clincher, tubular or tubeless ready, this ICAN 50mm DT wheelset comes with all types. Generally, carbon wheels are really expensive.

Without breaking the budget if you want to get a carbon wheelset for your bike, there are no match for ICAN 50mm DT Wheelset. These road bike wheels come with 25 mm and 23mm rim width.

If you buy tubular wheelset of 23mm rim width it will cost you less than the clincher one. The tubular wheelset with DT 350S model hub is as much as $640. If you wish to use the DT 240S model all you have to increase $130 which means a total of $770.

While clincher one’s price is slightly higher than the tubular one.If you want the clincher wheelset with DT 350S model you can get it for $650. With DT 240S hub the price for clincher is $780. The 25mm rim width wheelset comes with two types-clincher and tubeless ready.

For the 350S model, the price is respectively $670 and $690. For the 240S model, it is $815 and $845. 1 set of skewer and carbon brakes pad are free with ICAN 50mm DT wheelset. The company gives 2 years of guaranty on this wheelset. If you are not a hardcore rider then the wheelset will long last for several years.

The performance of this wheelset is overall better considering the price. Get a unique experience with this wheelset on your road bike. Smooth handling, classic hand-build wheels, reasonable price, and good braking quality. All these features in this road bike wheel have made it unique and extraordinary.

Choose your trail and as they say, ride fast, ride far with ICAN 50mm carbon wheels.

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