I ride ICAN - Win, win, score!———Review by John Pink ②

I Ride ICAN - Win, win, score!

I am a believer that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. When I get something I want it to be the best for what I am going to use it for. But what makes it “the best”? Performance, ease of use, and of course like all of us, cost – and yes, I would put them in that order.

I had been a runner prior to taking up cycling so I knew that while pro-level equipment will not make me or anyone perform like a pro, it does make the experience more enjoyable allowing to push harder with less effort with the result of actually be better at whatever sport you are enjoying. All the energy and output should go into the sport, not fighting the equipment.

When I first started riding, I got the best bike I could afford at that time. It was a stock, off the shelf aluminum bike with the stock wheels and entry-level shifters. Most big box, big name bike manufactures save money with cheap wheels or cheap parts to sell you a bike at an affordable price.

That gets you a bike but it can be so much more! One thing I heard from so many experienced riders was “the first thing you want to change is your wheels”. When I did save up enough to change wheels, it opened up a whole new world of enjoyment that started my addiction to cycling and the want for better or even the best regardless of the cost.

Now, I also now tell new riders to change their wheels but I back it up by telling them to look at ICAN wheels.

A few years into my riding and having what I considered the best bike with all Dura Ace components, I set out trying to find the perfect set of wheels to complement the best bike with the best components. 

I was fortunate to be working at a bike shop that allowed me to try many different wheels in my pursuit of the perfect wheel. I tried high end “hype brand” names and entry level. Some were good, some were simply garbaged with a high price and bid name… none were exactly what I was looking for. And in all of my searching, I found ICAN!

When I got my first set of ICAN wheels, I was as skeptical as so many others at a brand name I had not heard of. I did not know anyone that had ridden them, could not ask anyone, and this would be a set of wheels that I would have to pay for out of my pocket, not one I could borrow from the shop. My plan was to ride them really hard up all the mountains here in Southern California and in my travels with the simple goal of riding them to failure – to have them break and make a video about it. 

As I rode them more and more, I was blown away and knew I had found “the best”! What made these wheels “the best” at that time was the brake track that did not overheat and allowed me to stop going downhill with confidence, the stiffness and the way they rolled effortlessly so that every watt of power I put out on a climb or on the flats, went into moving me forward – I was not fighting the equipment! The other in the category that made them “the best” is the cost. At a fraction of the cost of others, I had a superior set of wheels!

I still ride those 38mm ICAN wheels and keep them on that same bike so that they are ready to go if I want to ride that bike. And yes, they still perform the same way many, many, many thousands of miles and years later. It is all up on Strava. Since that time and with each new bike, I have bought a new set of ICAN wheels to put on each new bike and have been impressed every single time.


ICAN has a new for 2019 AERO series - I have a new “big brand name” bike that needs a new set of wheels. Remember the advice… “The first thing you want to change is the wheels”! I wanted a 40mm to match the size that was on this bike, so I ordered a new set of ICAN AERO 40s, with disc and through axle.

WOW! These new AERO wheels are every bit as impressive as all the other ICAN wheels I have used. They are a ‘night-and-day’ difference over the stock “pro-level” wheels that came on this big name bike. They have all the qualities I have come to expect from ICAN - performance (they roll and roll, and roll……), they are stiff, true straight out of the box, and at a fraction of the price of the hype name brands.

These new wheels, like the other ICAN wheels I have, are tubeless ready for those that want to go that way. Me, I still prefer a tube with sealant and that is how I ride mine – I love the snap when a clincher seats in a tubeless ready wheel.

Another advantage to this new wheel is the shape that makes them handle extremely well bombing down a hill, in a side wind or both – that was something else that really impressed me. They are simply a quality product, at a reasonable price, available to everyone, and are a real pleasure to ride. And yes, I have made a video about these wheels as well! And an additional bonus - they are UCI certified! Win, win, score!

I do have to say that I DO NOT work for ICAN. I am simply a HUGE fan based on my experience of the products that I have used. I ride, I make videos about riding and have done my best to push ICAN to anyone who will listen. When talking about ICAN with other cyclists, I tell them that I will put these wheels up against any others and I guarantee you will also be blown away by their performance.

I stand behind my belief in their products that I have used and tell anyone looking to purchase – tell them JonnyPink sent you. It really makes me happy getting photos, emails and thank you’s from people around the world who have watched my videos, asked me for advice, and have bought ICAN based on my recommendation. I do share those emails and photos with ICAN from me, an obsessed ICAN fan.

Yes, I am a believer that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. Live for today, live right now. I want the best – I ride ICAN - Win, win, score!

  • Feb 27, 2019
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