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The best full suspension mountain bike 2021

What should I look for in a full suspension mountain bike?

 There are many reasons why you would want a full suspension mountain bike. Perhaps it's for a smoother ride or maybe because you are riding more gnarly and rough trails. Whatever the reason, it gives you the freedom to explore mountains and trails around the world in the most fun way possible.


The first thing you should figure out when looking for a full-suspension mountain bike is what type of terrain you plan on taking your new mountain bike on.

Does it involve lots of rocks, roots or jumps?

Do you plan to do lots of pedaling or is it a mix or both uphill and downhill?

Let's now look at the different types of full suspension mountain bikes you can buy in 2021.


XC full suspension Mountain Bikes


The first bike we are looking at is the Cross Country or “XC” bike which typically has 100-130mm of rear travel.

It is designed for those who enjoy a mix of uphill and downhill with a stronger focus on being very efficient when pedalling uphill.

One must look for a light-weight full suspension mountain bike that is very capable to take you on those long bike rides.

A perfectly balanced bike, one that can handle both uphill and downhill rides would be the ICAN S3.


XC full suspension Mountain Bikes s3


Enduro full suspension Mountain Bikes

Enduro mountain bikes typically have a greater focus on downhill sections. They are a do-it-all bike if you had to pick one just one that could take you to bike parks, single track trails, and epic freeride lines. These bikes typically have 150-170mm of travel.


A great option is the super durable, modern geometry and affordable ICAN P9. This bike is a full carbon enduro mountain bike that can take you to the top of the mountain and have even more fun going down. 

Enduro full suspension Mountain Bike p9



Trail full suspension mountain bike


Trail Bikes are one of the types of mountain bikes, generally called all mountain bikes.

This type of bike is designed to take into account handling and comfort when climbing hills, as well as a certain speed when going downhill, with shock absorbers, thicker tires and low gear ratios.

So this type of mountain bike will be less efficient than those specifically designed for racing, but it will be more fun when going downhill. And for some steep or uneven terrain, it will be more suitable than XC Racing bike.

Trail full suspension mountain bike p1

If you are looking for a affordable price Trail full suspension mountain bikeICAN Trail Bike P1 would be the right choice. The Trail Bike has very good performance with 130mm Rear Travel, using hubs and spokes produced by trustworthy manufacturers, you don’t have to worry about its quality.


Downhill full suspension Mountain Bikes


Downhill mountain bikes have one main purpose and that is to provide the smoothest ride down the mountain. These bikes will have anywhere from 170-220mm of rear travel along with triple clamp forks. Incredibly smooth and fun bikes if your main mountain biking is bike parks or shuttle laps. These bikes are not meant for pedalling uphill but in return give you the feeling of a world cup racer as you tear down the track.



Final Thoughts


The main thing you should look for in a full suspension bike is to pick the one that best suits the type of terrain you plan on taking your new mountain bike. The goal is to have a lightweight, yet durable MTB that gives you the freedom to enjoy the sport and improve your skills in a fun and healthy way.

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