Full Carbon MTB Frame Is the Future of Mountain Bike Geometry

You have most likely observed that with each passing year mountain bikes are hyped as a slacker, lower, and longer as compared to the bikes that went before.

If you look back at the history of mountain bikes, they have steadily progressed from less altered road bikes into the stretched-out and stable machines of today. Designed to improve the handling of the bike, the stems have been reduced in length, head angles have been slackened, length of wheelbases has been increased and bottom brackets have been lowered.

The reason that geometry has so constantly moved in a single direction, bikes at the leading front are simply labelled as advanced. This augmentation trend in the geometry of mountain bikes has been the most comprehensively positive modification in the history of mountain bike design.

Improvements such as recent suspension design, additional gears, or enhanced axles offer fringe benefits at best while geometry defines a mountain bike. Even the largely contentious dispute of wheel size is unimportant by comparison.

ICAN’s full carbon MTB frames such as boost frame 148mm and 150mm frame travel place mountain bikes in the category of trail or enduro and make them perfect for riding any trail.

650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel

Benefits of Slacker, Lower or Longer MTB Carbon Frame 

An extended reach of the lengthy frame allows for the use of a stem with shortened length. This results in a more predictable steering, more speed and more confident position even on the steep descents.

An elongated cockpit also allows for a steeper angle of the seat while eliminating the chance of feeling cramped. ICAN’s carbon frames with 31.6mm seat post and 34.9mm seat post clamp offer tremendous control and stability, sufficient to outweigh a number of other problems associated with mountain bikes in the past.

In addition to that, dropped bottom brackets minimize the tendency of the mountain bike to pitch straight on under steep terrain, heavy braking, or huge bumps. This means that ICAN’s carbon frames offer increased stability.

At the same time, they also make it extremely convenient to switch direction of lean when negotiating fast turns. This means that ICAN’s carbon frames also offer increased agility for a mountain bike. Moreover, slack head angles provide with better navigating predictability in bumpy or steep terrain.

650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel

Why ICAN’s Full Carbon MTB Frame?

ICAN’s full carbon MTB frames empower you to build the bike of your dreams. These frames are designed with extended wheelbase and range, a slacker head tube angle, and a lower bottom bracket. Similar to all ICAN product range,

ICAN carbon frames are also built in a state-of-the-art facility with the help of both tough in-house quality assurance processes and an external third-party testing firm. For instance, the 650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel has been the most stimulating choice for a carbon trail bike.

Moreover, when paired with Rockshox XX 200x57mm, it will offer an all-around versatility. Build with a UD matte finish, this frame is available in different size including 15.5/17.5/19 inch.

Advantages of Full Carbon MTB Frames by ICAN

Due to the advancement in carbon technology, it can be shaped into new and exciting forms. An MTB frame with a striking contour is most likely to be carbon. It is also difficult to exactly determine the properties of carbon because the process used to weave carbon fibers results in providing it with diverse characteristics.

A thing that everyone must consider is to avoid counterfeit carbon frames, which are not built according to the standards of the industry. One must always make sure to buy a MTB frame from an authentic manufacturer like ICAN.


A most evident and looked for plus point of MTB frame is their weight and carbon is obviously lightweight. For both ascending and on the flat, lightweight will be certainly considered a benefit because it will have the less gravitational force and friction to deal with.

According to basic rules of physics, a low weight frame will result in fast speed particularly when climbing. A lightweight MTB frame will also result in easy acceleration and dynamic changing of lines.


High-quality carbon fiber provides two to five times more firmness than any other material of similar weight. It is truly substantial particularly for cross-country bike riders, to whom weight and stiffness are crucial for a highly responsive and fast ride.

A mountain bike with ICAN carbon frame will be snappier and respond efficiently to the input from the bars or the pedals.

Strength and Durability

Top companies like ICAN add significant strength and durability by creating a composite material known as epoxy resin to build exceptionally durable MTB frames. ICAN carbon frames are sufficiently thick and much tougher against an impact while still being lightweight.

Experts’ Opinion about Boost Frame 148mm and 150mm Frame Travel

Hardcore mountain bikes are fully capable of traveling large distances, however, it is more about having fun when the trail starts to point downhill. This contributes to their popularity and inspiration among new riders.

Mountain bikes that use boost frame 148mm and 150mm frame travel offer more control over tough terrain. They tend to be comparatively tougher frames, which makes them perfect for challenging rocky trails.

They support 27.5+, 650B, and 29er wheel size. When compared to bikes that offer short cross-country travel, Trail bikes, which uses boost frame 148mm and 150mm frame travel offer better control and stability to deal with bumpier terrain even at higher speeds.

Bikes with boost frame 148mm and 150mm frame travel that supports 27.5+, 650B and 29er wheel size are perfect for general riding at trail centers. Increased travel tends to mean that the total weight of the mountain bike creeps up.

However, the proficient design of ICAN carbon frames always makes sure that the effort input through the pedals gets effectively transferred to the rear wheel. If you are looking for a light mountain bike, it is best to consider modifying yours with the ICAN carbon frame.

650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel

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