Fast, Light and Affordable Wheels are not a Dream

Wheels, we are always told that wheels are the first upgrade we should make to any road bike. As a rule of thumb, all road bikes come with wheels that need an upgrade in order to unlock the true performance of your bike. There are some notable exceptions to this rule, have a look at our road bikes.

The problem with upgrading your wheels is that there is a myriad of options. “Do I go with a mid-price alloy wheel?” “Should I go carbon?” “What rim depth should I buy?” “What sort of warranty do I get?”

Carbon fiber wheels

We want you to see out FL series of wheels. These wheels are carbon, available in a variety of depths, and come at a mid-price alloy wheel price but with high-quality carbon. See, you truly can get everything you want in a wheel.

We are reinventing the wheel, but we are keen to keep wheel choices as simple as possible for you. All of our FL series wheels come with a two-year warranty, no exceptions, no hidden models excluded from a standard warranty program.

The next piece of the puzzle we have unlocked for you is affordability. As we sell direct to you, with no middleman who all need to make a profit, we pass this saving directly on to you. Our FL series wheels do not come with fancy names or this season’s color. They come with great engineering and design features. This again helps to keep the cost down.

Toray carbon fiber

We use Toray T700 carbon fiber cloth to allow us to build the qualities you want to be featured in a high-end wheelset. We make sure each wheelset offers you are a stiff and robust performance. Our wheels will never flex when you least expect it and kill your performance.

We build these qualities into a modern aero shape. That means the whole range of FL wheels will easily cut through the air. Their blunt shape nicely works in conjunction with your tires to help smooth air and stop the air being turbulent around your wheels.

The effect our wheels have on the air will allow you to easily set your best times and save energy when out on the road. Whether you pick our triathlon focused 86mm deep rim or our climbing focused 40mm deep rim.

Tubeless bike wheels-40mm


You can also be sure that the tubeless ready carbon fiber FL rim is lightweight, regardless of the rim size you pick. Being tubeless ready, you not only get a fast and light wheelset, but you can also add comfort by fitting wider tires and dropping your tire pressures.

Our FL wheels also offer you the choice of Novatec hubs or DT Swiss hubs. Novatec will bring you affordable high quality sealed bearing hubs. In our DT Swiss wheels, you pick from either a 350S or 240S hubs.  The DT Swiss 350S hubs bring you DT Swiss quality at a low price. The 240S bring you the lightweight version of DT Swiss style quality.

DT Swiss hubs feature an almost instantaneous power transfer thanks to their Star Ratchet system. You can also service DT Swiss hubs without the need for any tools, a true boon for the home mechanic.

All of our wheels though feature Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Sapim is world leaders in high-quality spokes. The CX-Ray spokes are legendary for their melding of lightweight and stiffness. Think about titanium spokes that do not flex and you will be thinking about CX-Ray spokes.

That is not all with these wheels though they are also UCI certified, in case you get a call up to the pro divisions. The UCI certification and a two-year guarantee are almost unheard of at the price point we sell our wheels at.

Pick your wheels

Now, you know that you want a set of our carbon fiber FL series wheels but which ones do you want?

The first way to differentiate would be the price. The most affordable FL wheels are the Novatec hubbed versions. You can then step up to the DT Swiss 350S. Finally, you can go for the range-topping DT Swiss 240S.

The best thing about these hubs is that they all also offer a disc brake option. It was only natural then that we offer you our fast aero wheels for your disc braked road bike, gravel bike, or cyclocross bike.

Now, you need to think about where you ride and what your goals are.

Hill climbing wheels

If you spend a lot of time riding in windy environments or enjoy a good spot of hill climbing, then our FL40 carbon fiber rim is the rim style for you. These wheels are lightweight but don’t flex like other lightweight wheels. You do not want flex when you are out on a long mountain pass.

Rouleur wheels-50mm

Our next rim size up is the 50mm deep rim. 50mm is a great rim size for those who want to dominate the flats and also power up short climbs. Our 50mm deep rim is a great all-around choice for the rider that wants to do everything.

Aero wheels-55mm

Our 55mm deep rim set is great if you enjoy sprinting for street signs, racing crits, or fancy the odd blast of your local time trial league. These wheels are fast. It will be like adding a small motor to your bike when you first put this rim size on your bike.

Perfect all-around wheels-40/55mm

Perfect all-around wheels

If you want a set of wheels that can deal with crosswinds and power you to a time trial or triathlon win, then our FL40/55 wheelset is the wheelset for you. The 40 stops your steering being affected by wind and the 55 gives you the aero boost you want. If you are new to deep section rims, then this wheelset would be the one you need to pick.

Triathlon wheels 

Triathlon wheels

If you want to race time trials and triathlons our FL86 wheels are the wheels for you. These wheels just look fast and stiff, and that is before you have even put them on your bike. The FL86 is the wheel that power you to all the podiums and KOMs that you could ever want.

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