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Carbon Road Bike AERO007 - The Beast of the Roads

ICAN’s AERO007 is one of the most versatile and affordable road bikes available in the market today.

It doesn’t take long to get the measure of Carbon Road Bike AERO007 in terms of the advantages – whether it’s related to performance or its design cues. It’s all summed up neatly in its aerodynamic frame, carbon fork, superior speed, and braking system.

While there are many road bikes from different manufacturers available today, the reason we recommend AERO007 to bike lovers is because of its remarkable aerodynamic carbon frame, superior speed, and braking system, attractive finish and great comfort level.

Here’s an extensive overview of what you get when you buy the Carbon Road Bike AERO007.

Aerodynamic Frame

Most road bikes on this budget either have steel frame or an aluminum one. But, the Aero007 has the durable and lightweight aero carbon frame. The material of the frame is extremely strong and you can take the bike on any surface you wish.

Don’t hesitate, go ahead, it will still come back in one piece. Unlike frames made from other materials, the aero carbon frame doesn’t get damaged easily. Also, it is very light. You can even carry the bike around if you ever need to.

Superior Speed System

Riding a road bike is all about speed. That is what makes riding it truly fun; and the Aero007 is all about that. This road bike has the Shimano 105 (5800) 11-speed system that ensures that the bike goes fast. Bikers can optimize the speed in the best way.

With the Shimano 105 (5800), the control is optimized when riders are cycling at the top speed. So, the Aero007 offers great speed and control to riders. Take the Aero007 out on the road and see how it feels like to hit 60 mph. on a bike!

Powerful Brakes

We just mentioned that the  Wheelset can go really fast, but when the speed is high, a powerful braking system becomes equally important. If the bike doesn’t have a powerful and smooth braking system, you can get into serious trouble.

However, this aspect has been covered quite nicely by the Aero007. This road bike has one of the best brake systems. It uses the 105 Dual-Pivot SLR EV Brake BR-5800 that ensures swift and powerful stopping in all conditions.

So, you don’t have to worry about taking this bike to the max speed as you can stop whenever you want! This is certainly a major benefit of the  Wheelset.

Attractive Finish

Carbon Road Bike AERO007 Wheelset features an attractive black and orange metal frame, which is sure to match your riding jersey. The seat post and handlebar have a unique finish and are extremely light which makes the bike more attractive.

Rigid Wheelset

The carbon wheelset of the Carbon Road Bike Aero 007 gives it an edge over other road bikes. The wheelset compensates for the forces that act on two sides of the wheel due to which there are no wheel vibrations.

The energy transfer is greatly improved and transverse rigidity is increased because of wheelset geometry. Compared to a traditional wheel, wheelset offers better transfer of driving torque, more lateral rigidity and reduces the stress in the rear wheel spokes.

Comfortable Ride

The Carbon Road Bike AERO007 makes big gains in terms of comfort. Deep-tubed road bikes that are designed for pros and strong men usually offer a rough riding experience.

However, ICAN has reflected its recreational audience to offer a comfortable ride. The wide 350mm seatpost and the SD005 curvy saddle offer an extremely smooth and buzz-free experience to the riders.

The very minor vibration gets to your hands through the bar and the fork, making the riding experience more comfortable. Categorically quantifying the aerodynamic benefits provided by the AERO007 is hard, but the bike maintains the momentum well whether you are riding fast or slow.

The low front-end and long reach bar promote a stretched position that is more aero efficient than sit up and beg riding position. The more you ride the Aero007, the more you get the benefits of the comfortable and smooth ride.

If you wish to ride the bike for a long time on your cycling journeys, there isn’t a more astute choice than ICAN’s AERO007.  

Accurate Assembly

Even though the Carbon Road Bike AERO007 features incredible toughness and strength, careless acts are sure to leave you disappointed with this bike. By carelessness, we mean how you handle the bike, how you ride it and how you assemble it.

All the bikes should be assembled correctly and AERO007 is no exception. This bike may only lead to a horrible crash because of over torquing. The only way to avoid these kinds of problems is to assemble the bike correctly.

You must ensure that there aren’t any buns, rough spots or shards of metal that can harm the frame or carbon components during assembling. The time it takes to assemble AERO007 varies with experience.

Those who aren’t comfortable with assembling bikes should take it to their bike shop to ensure accurate assembling of the bike. The professionals can do the job better and faster.

The Bottom Line

The Carbon Road Bike AERO007 is without a doubt one of the best road bikes you can find at this price. The bike is truly worth the price. If you love cycling and need extra power as well as comfort during your cycle journeys, AERO007 is definitely worth consideration.

If you are looking for a high-end road bike that is affordable, comfortable and functional, then look no further than the AERO007.

For a brand that isn’t extremely popular, ICAN has created a true masterpiece in the form of the AERO007. You shouldn’t hesitate to buy this exceptional carbon road bike. Believe us; you wouldn’t regret your decision!

Carbon Road Bike AERO007 G3 Wheelset

  • Jul 26, 2018
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